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   Bama Standard Poodles was started by Reba Oler in Selma Alabama.Reba knew to breed sound, healthy puppies; you had to start with sound, healthy parents. As Reba grew older, her health began to decline. Reba and our local Veterinarian had become close over the years. One day he suggested she train one of her Standards to be her service dogs. He put her in touch with a local dog trainer, Lynn Sanders. 
   When Reba called Lynn, she told her she needed a mobility assistance dog and felt that one of her Standard Poodles would be perfect for the job. She told Lynn that she would like to offer her pick of her current litter of puppies in exchange for training.
    Lynn had always wanted a Bama Standard Poodle and agreed to meet with her within an hour of their first conversation. Lynn then excitedly called her best friend and as their husbands said “Partner in Crime,” Julie Oliver to go with her. Julie ran a small boarding and grooming business, and like Lynn had always wanted a Bama Standard Poodle. When the three met an instant friendship and bond that none of them expected was formed. 
   Reba started out as a mentor to Julie and Lynn, but became so much more. Reba eventually made Julie and Lynn equal partners with her in the adventure known as Bama Standard Poodles.Julie has decided to devote her time to other adventures, so Lynn along with her husband William now run Bama Standard Poodles.
   They lost Reba July 23, 2012 after a very lengthy illness. Lynn and Julie were with her up to the last few hours of her life. Reba had became more of a mother, than mentor to both of them. Today, Lynn and WIlliam carry on her vision for Bama Standard Poodles.       
   Reba believed that Standards were to be pets and family members first, then breeders and performance dogs. Reba could name every dog she ever placed and kept up with them and their families. Bama Standard Poodles prides itself on providing people with healthy Standards with sound temperaments. Puppies are raised in our homes and socialized with various people and other animals from the time they are born. 
   We believe in good positive training for our dogs. We enjoy earning titles in performance events, especially AKC Rally, but our true love lies in Therapy Dog work. We have seen our Standards bring comfort and smiles to nursing home residents and encourage special needs children as they work on learning new skills.
   Reba believed God sent Julie and Lynn to her to carry on her dream. Julie and Lynn know that God sent Reba to them, to teach, encourage and guide them in their dream.

Reba Oler
 founder of Bama Standard Poodles
3-17-37 to 7-23-12
God needed someone to spoil and love the dogs in heaven