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Our Ebony turned out  "BLUE"
Our Beautiful Ladye(on left) with her buddy Rosie--Ladye is a wonderful therapy dog and we`re sure Rosie will be also.
Lynn is the gray one, Jessi is the blonde, and Ziva is the black. Ziva was a rescue. We lost Ziva to bloat in Feb 2012.
That makes these pictures all the more precious to us.
These girls know how to have a good time on a hot day in Alabama!!
TJ curled up with a baby,safe in it's mama's arms
Our TJ (Bama's Ebony Delight) is now retired from breeding, but not from Therapy work. This picture with the puppy has always been one of my favorites! She has always been such a good mom with all of her puppies. We plan to start breeding her daughter Storm spring/summer 2012.
Here is our Storm!! (Bama's Secret Storm in Salem)
We love all of our dogs, but sometimes that dog that is the total package comes along.
 When Storm moves she just takes my breath away!
She can learn anything and is always ready to go!
No matter if we are headed to the creek, camping, the Nursing home or the obedience ring, 
she is ready to go!